what is the use of doing 10 things

when you don't focus on even one
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What does focus bring?

Rajat was a bright student, scoring high grades all through his schooling. Almost every year, he listed in the class’ top 5. He was also an avid athlete. He even represented his zone in the nationals.

Somehow, after he entered the college, all his grades started slipping. He was no longer even in the class top-20. Neither was he doing well in athletics. He did not enrol even for a single competitive event.

He looked back. What was going wrong? He realised that after entering college, he was swayed away by too many distractions that detoured him from the path of success. Cellphone, gossip, parties, and so many other habits deviated Rajat from his productive way of working that had been naturally ingrained in him.
Realising that he was losing focus, and eventually going nowhere, he mended his ways and eventually restructured himself to go back to the same old Rajat. A happy ending.

Make this your story. Although you are doing ‘good’, the scope for doing ‘great’ evloves when you learn the art of immaculate focus.

What brings Focus?

The ‘Focus’ retreat is aimed at honing our internal skills to purge any detracting forces from our mind.

The Vedic practitioners were able to harness the power of the controlled mind and absorb volumes of information spanning several libraries. That’s just one of the benefits.

The 2 hours seminar will enrich you beyond your expectations.

Effective Utilization of thought process

‘Focus’ helps you FOCUS. The Vedic scholars have studied the topology of the mind and have designed sound tools for focalizing its actions.
Boost your productivity

focused effort

broaden thought span

Enhanced memory power

Sustained work-life balance

From Our Participants
Appreciate the fact that this was a hands-on workshop and that the speakers had tremendous clarity on the topic. A paradigm shift of sorts for me, as I now believe that unshakeable focus is very much achievable
Aniruddha Nath Mazumdar

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

Kudos to the cutting-edge presentation. Extremely valuable takeaways for me. I hope more programs of this kind are organized in our campus, to foster a holistic personality development for students
Niraj Kumar

MPP, National Law School Bangalore

Totally worth the interest. Loved the group activities and the games. Simple yet striking anecdotes, I could very much relate to the discussion

MBBS, JJM Medical College

I am sure this workshop will help me improve my presence of mind & give me an edge in my academics
Venkata Svaroop

M.Tech, RVCE Bangalore